Making a difference, one family at a time.



We are making a difference, one family at a time. We have been working with 15 family farms divided between Canada, USA, Greece, Italy, and Peru for 3 years while developing and finalizing the Oleumm8 product. Being small farming operations we are guaranteed Organic and non-GMO ingredients for Oleumm8. We pay the families directly so every penny they make goes to supporting them and their farms. No middle men. These families believed in Oleumm8 so much they stuck with us while we developed and perfected our oil. Large, corporate farm operations would have dropped us after the first year when they did not see huge orders coming in. We want to reward these family farms for their loyalty, dedication and patience by making Oleumm8 a worldwide success!


OLEUMM8 WOOD CASE Huntsville, Ontario

We did not stop at family farms: we carried our plan to support families right into our packaging. The Oleumm 8 Cherry Wood Case is hand made by a family business in the rural town of Huntsville, Ontario.


OLEUMM8 WOOD CASE Cebu, Philippines

A family in Cebu, Philippines, makes the bags for Oleumm8. In an effort to help them improve their standard of living, we have equipped them with 2 sewing machines, electricity, raw materials, and the required business licenses, and also provide support for their developing business skills. Profits go directly to the family with no middle men.

Thank you Oleumm8