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You need healthy fats regardless of the type of diet

It appears that there is a new diet every time you turn around. There are diets for losing weight, for gaining weight, lowering cholesterol, for diabetes, and many other reasons. There are thousands of diets. Some of the most popular diets include:

Keto Diet Vegan diet Paleo diet Vegetarian diet Mediterranean diet Low carb diet Raw diet






Low Carb


Here we are going to look at the role fats and oils play in diets and not the diets themselves, and correct three of the most common misconceptions about the role of fats and oils in diets.

Times have changed since the days of “low-fat”, when egg yolks and butter were considered bad, while refined carbs and packaged goods were considered fine to eat.  All types of oils contain approximately 120 calories per tablespoon.

Today we know we need good and healthy fats in our diets including Omega 3 and Omega 6 (in the proper ratio) essential fatty acids that our body cannot make and must come from our diets. Regardless, of the diet you need heathy fats.
Studies have shown that you can cut your risk of dying by more than 25% by replacing bad fats with good fats.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the one oil mentioned by most diets. There is no doubt that EVOO has many health properties such as high antioxidants, polyphenols and monounsaturated fatty acids but has less than 1% Omega 3. Most EVOO on store shelves is refined and has very little to zero nutritional benefits.



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Oleumm8 is a new oil that fits into any diet providing the health benefits of 8 superfood oils in one bottle including that of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Oleumm8 is the only cold-pressed Vegan Omega 3 cooking oil with antioxidants, and vitamins A, E, K, that can be used hot or cold. Using a breakthrough plant-based formulation it is the only oil that leaves no oily or greasy after taste.



Misconception #1 

Eating Fat equals Fat Body

  • This is the basis for low-fat diets. Eliminating or limiting fat from your diet can actually make you gain weight. Some studies have found that fatty foods can aid in weight loss. Most diets lack to include fat that cut hunger as a key nutrient. Recent research shows that healthy fats are the best source of energy for your body, and keep your metabolism and fat-burning running at optimal speed. Protein and carbohydrates both contain 4 calories per gram, while fat provides 9 calories per gram.

Misconception #2 

Saturated Fat is a Big “No”

  • We have been told not to eat or minimize our intake of saturated fat. Recent research shows that saturated fat is not as evil as we were led to believe. Some diets like Keto encourges consuming as much saturated fat as you can. Sturated fat has been shown to decrease risks of heart disease, diabetes, and will not wreck your waistline.

Misconception #3 

All Fats are Unhealthy

  • You need esstenial fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the proper ratio in your diet. Your body cannot make these fatty acids, they must come from the food you eat. Studies have shown that Omega 3 is the best type of fat for weight loss because (1) it allows the body to burn fat even when fat burning is turned off (examples, after high-carb meal, high intensity excerise where the body prefers to burn “glycogen”); (2) high amounts of Omega 3 increases insulin sensitivity, less insulin is produced after a meal, which means less fat is stored; and (3) Omega 3 increases the heat of cellular “furnaces”, otherwise known as the mitochondria and the peroxisomes. Omega 3 makes these burn more and more energy turning on “fat-burning”. Recent research also shows that Vegan Omega 3 (ALA – Alpha-Linolenic Acid ) may also aid in weight loss.