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Making a difference, one family at a time.

From our families to yours

We are making a difference, one family at a time

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We have been working with 15 family farms divided between Canada, USA, Greece, Italy, and Peru for 3 years while developing and finalizing the Oleumm8 product.
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No middle men. These families believed in Oleumm8 so much they stuck with us while we developed and perfected our oil.
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Large, corporate farm operations would have dropped us after the first year when they did not see huge orders coming in.
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We want to reward these family farms for their loyalty, dedication and patience by making Oleumm8 a worldwide success!

Oleumm8 wood case Huntsville, Ontario

We did not stop at family farms: we carried our plan to support families right into our packaging. The Oleumm 8 Cherry Wood Case is hand made by a family business in the rural town of Huntsville, Ontario.

Oleumm8 wood case Cebu, Philippines

A family in Cebu, Philippines, makes the bags for Oleumm8. In an effort to help them improve their standard of living, we have equipped them with 2 sewing machines, electricity, raw materials, and the required business licenses, and also provide support for their developing business skills. Profits go directly to the family with no middle men.