Taste it. Love it.

From our family to yours, Oleumm8 is a crowd-pleaser.

Oleumm8 Consumer Testimonials

Eat it straight up

The taste of the oil is very easy on the palate with a pleasant after taste. It quite easily can be taken as is for a daily dosage. Oleumm 8 oil on avocado & lettuce salad: lovely compliment to the salad and not too greasy. Flavor is very mild and pleasant.

Karen Chaplin


I love this combination Certified Organic Cold Pressed 8 Superfood oils in One Bottle. Omega 3 and Omega 6 for my healthy fats and Vitamin A,E and K. I tried the complimentary sample several ways. First, I fried a little low to medium heat to taste the flavor of the tofu , no greasy film. Delicious!

Lynne Duschene

No oily taste

Oleumm8 is very clean tasting. I would highly recommend Oleumm8 to any other foodies who are interested in using an oil that minimizes the negatives that can often occur when cooking with oil- heavy taste, oily residue on cooking surfaces and harmful fats for consumption.

Jack Cooper

Cooks like butter

Oleumm8 is delicious to cook with. My eggs never tasted better and aren’t greasy or soggy!

Alisha Layman