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From our family to yours, Oleumm8 is a crowd-pleaser.

Oleumm8 Consumer Testimonials

No oily taste

Oleumm8 is very clean tasting. I would highly recommend Oleumm8 to any other foodies who are interested in using an oil that minimizes the negatives that can often occur when cooking with oil- heavy taste, oily residue on cooking surfaces and harmful fats for consumption.

Jack Cooper

Cooks like butter

Oleumm8 is delicious to cook with. My eggs never tasted better and aren’t greasy or soggy!

Alisha Layman

"Got a sample of #OLEUMM8 to try out from #FoodiePages.  Love this stuff! Bottled Superfood awesomeness!"

@lusciouslm (Twitter)

"Zucchinis, red peppers, roast beef, topped with an egg.  All cooked with my sample of Oleumm8 from foodiepages.  Fluffy and great tasting!"

@foodcapading (Instagram)

"I had the chance to try out Oleumm8 from @foodiepages and I love it.  It ca be added to foods or used for cooking.  It's a very lightweight oil that has a unique taste that I find enhances flavour."

@newfiechic (Instagram)


I love this combination Certified Organic Cold Pressed 8 Superfood oils in One Bottle. Omega 3 and Omega 6 for my healthy fats and Vitamin A,E and K. I tried the complimentary sample several ways. First, I fried a little low to medium heat to taste the flavor of the tofu , no greasy film. Delicious!

Lynne Duschene

"@FoodiePages @Oleumm8 I got my (sic) and posted! But here it is again. #oleumm9 #foodiepages yay to healthy oil to put on my potatoes for the bbq."

Lisa Mason

"Having a taste of my Oleumm8 oil this morning.  What a difference from my olive oil"

@amymhenson (Instagram)

"enjoyed the flavour of this oil, even on its own! It's not often you even notice a taste of an oil, let alone that is tastes fresh! Excited about this product! Thank @Oleumm8 and @foodiepages for the chance to try this innovative, artisan superfood oil!"

@oramjen (Instagram)

"Perks of being a foodie, getting first crack at reviewing a new cooking oil OLEUMM8.  It is organic and non gmo produced in small batches from 8 different super food oils that are high in omega 3 and 6.  It has a bold flavour that works well in salad dressings as well as cooking."

@dipdiva (Instagram)

"#OLEUMM8 Just tried this great oil, on my garden tomatoes, delicious.  Just use the oil, nothing else."

@nitchka12 (Twitter)

"Beautiful and delicious caprise salad made with fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden and with awesome Oleumm8 oil and balsamic vinegar."

@louisepayette (Instagram)

Eat it straight up

The taste of the oil is very easy on the palate with a pleasant after taste. It quite easily can be taken as is for a daily dosage. Oleumm 8 oil on avocado & lettuce salad: lovely compliment to the salad and not too greasy. Flavor is very mild and pleasant.

Karen Chaplin

"Thank you @FoodiePages for sending me to review #Oleumm8 #FoodiePages"

Sophia McIntyre

"On it’s own it has a unique nutty flavour that is very pleasant. Because of the blending that flavour changes somewhat depending on that you use. A simple, plain bread provided a beautiful accent of nuttiness."


Larry Lootsteen

"Really enjoyed #oleumm8 cooking oil when frying up my eggs.  It didnt' leave them tasting greasy! :)"

@influenster87 (Instagram)

"Pan seared scallop with Oleumm8: 8 super oils in one bottle, certified organic and non-GMOs.  Simple dinner made with great flavours.

@foodfeed_winc (Instagram)

"so delicious and good. Camelina sativa seed, olive oil, flaxseed, rice bran, avocado, chia seed, sacha inchi seed and hemp seed oils mixed together." 

@denizmaravent (Instagram)

"With all the health benefits and the great taste I think this oil is pretty awesome! #OLEUMM8"

@suekitty13 (Twitter)

"Thank you @foodiepages for letting me try this #oleumm8 superfood coking oil.  It is a premium luxurious cooking oil using zero chemicals, additives, or preservatives.  It is a lightweight oil with a unique rich taste and texture.  It is made with certified organic & non GMO oils including Camelina Sativa seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, Chia seed oil, Sacha inchi seed oil and hemp seed oil."

@haroonkhan89 (Instagram)

"Fantastic Oil from @OLEUMM8 provided by @FoodiePages.  Made steak cooking a breeze."

@skarmc (Twitter)

"I loved my sample of OLEUMM8 Artisan Cooking Oil - great taste and wonderful health benefits!"

@sunny3marie (Twitter)

"My sample arrived in a very unique packaging - loved it!  Inside it had a small bottle of OLEUMM8 cooking oil.  Anxious to try it.  I dipped my finger in it and it was really tasty.  I think it would make a great salad dressing and would love to purchase a full sized bottle.  Reading the ingredients will sell you on it too - very very healthy and I totally recommend this product!"


"Oleumm8 is a wonderfully versatile product. I love the product. It acts as a tastier alternative to my usual cooking oil with its light and smooth, delicate flavour. Its properties make it perfect to use in a range of cooking methods including frying, roasting and baking. I have also created salad dressings and drizzled Oleumm8 on foods such as pasta and potatoes to produce an exciting taste to the palate. In addition to cooking I enjoy a daily spoonful of Oleumm8; it has a smooth, non-greasy consistency - with no greasy aftertaste. Besides the amazing taste, Oleumm8 has a nutritional profile that cannot be matched by any other oil.
I am impressed with every consideration made in the production of this oil, from the combination of oils used to the bottle design and packaging. It is reassuring to know that the longevity and nutrition of this oil is protected by the Miron VioletGlass bottle choice. I will continue to use Oleumm8 with confidence as my replacement cooking oil and Omega 3 supplement."

Margaret K.

"great for cooking low&slow, light not greasy"

@dancersmom99 (Instagram)