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Who invents an oil? The idea for Oleumm8 came from
personal experience. Meet Richard Syal, Founder & CEO.

The old adage “You are what you eat” came to mind. So, I went and bought 6 different organic and cold pressed oils. Most oils tasted awful, and went rancid before I could use them. The cost, about $120 to $150 a month.“There has to be a better way”, I thought to myself. Like a Phoenix arising from the ashes, Oleumm8 was born. Many people, after trying Oleumm8, encouraged me to take it to market.Today, I feel great and empowered about my health, and I want you to feel great and empowered about your health.


We care deeply about the quality and nutritional integrity of our food products––from the selection of the ingredients to the final packaging. Our products are made from certified organic and non-genetically modified ingredients, using an exacting quality assurance production process to ensure they deliver exceptional taste and nutritional performance. Like our ingredients, our packaging is also organic and made from natural materials like cherry wood, abáca and jute.


In the words of Hippocrates

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Core Values

Taste & Nutrition

We believe healthy and nutritious foods should taste good. We never comprise on taste and nutrition.

Health teams and environment

We believe in doing what we can to maintain healthy teams and a healthy environment


Informing you about what goes into our products is very important to us. This is key to educating you about the health and nutritional benefits of our products. For this reason, we are fully committed to informing you about where we get our ingredients, our production & packaging processes, our quality certifications and partnerships.

Promoting nutrition & health

Our meticulous production process exceeds all established standards to ensure maximum nutrition. Each new batch produced is carefully analyzed and evaluated for its nutritional properties such as Omega 3, MCT’s, fatty acid content, vitamins and antioxidants.

Organic & non-GMO certified

We firmly trust in nature and are committed to using organic and non-GMO ingredients in our products. We work with select family farms all over the world to obtain the best quality ingredients for our products.

Partnering with communities

We help small farming and non-farming families by supporting small business enterprises. For example, in the Philippines, we have helped a family start a bag making business and they make all the bags for our products using all natural materials.

Free of chemicals, pesticides & other contaminants

Our products are free of chemicals, gluten, sodium, BPA, and GMOs… Simply put, free of substances that we believe could be harmful to people and nature.

All Natural

All our packaging is made from organic and natural materials. We use materials such as natural cherry wood, mesh made from banana leaves, and recycled glass.

We work with family farms

We work with family farms in Canada, USA, Greece, Italy and Peru. The business these family farms will be getting from Oleumm8 means a great deal to them. We are also helping a family in Cebu, Philippines, to start their own bag-making business so they can eventually become self-sufficient. We pay these families directly without any middlemen. With your support, we can further help all the families we work with. We call it the “Leg Up Program”.

Oleumm8 Founder Richard Syal

Richard Syal

Inventor of Oleumm8, Founder and CEO
Richard has over 15 years of combined experience in Investment banking, Information Technology, and Project Management, everywhere from multinational firms to startups. Holding an MBA and M.Sc in Information Technology as well as being a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Richard will lead our Corporate Strategy & Product Innovation. He knows how to make projects successful–delivered on budget, and on time. Richard’s working title is Customer Executive Officer.
Oleumm8 co-founder Nancy Gill

Nancy Gill

Co-founder of Oleumm8
Nancy Gill is a co-founder of Oleumm8, and holds a dual role: Vice President of Customer Engagement, and Corporate Secretary. Nancy has extensive experience in health, project management, business analysis and management consulting, having worked with major health organizations and consulting firms. Nancy holds a Master of Science in Health Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Science. Nancy is a very dynamic person who has a great love for Social Media and will also lead our Social Media and Business strategies. In addition to her status as a bona fide foodie, Nancy loves to travel, and has been given the nickname “beach girl”.
Oleumm8 co-founder Howard Silverberg

Howard Silverberg

Co-founder of Oleumm8
Howard Silverberg, CPA, CGA, will be acting as our Chief Financial Officer. Howard brings over 20 years of experience in financial management and public accounting in a number of industry and business segments, including advertising and product branding. Howard likes to travel and enjoys food, making him a perfect fit for the Oleumm8 team.
Oleumm8 co-founder Ben Fong

Ben Fong

Co-founder of Oleumm8
Ben Fong, B. CompSci, PMP will be acting as our Chief Information Officer and VP of Operations. Ben brings over 30 years of technology experience in the continuous process manufacturing and supply chain industry. He has worked in the private and public sector in various senior IT management positions. Ben enjoys cycling, loves to cook and try new recipes.

Chef Gary Morin

Chef Gary Morin will be developing recipes exclusively for Oleumm8. Gary comes from a family of chefs, and truly loves cooking with Oleumm8–his butter chicken being a great favourite. Gary brings experience cooking in many styles including French, Italian, East Indian, and many more. Gary is all about food, though he also has a great singing voice and often sings at parties!
Oleumm8 co-founder Ian Millar

Ian Millar

Co-founder of Oleumm8
Ian brings almost 20 years’ experience in the web industry from full-stack development to digital marketing and is an expert in delivering full-cycle web applications. Besides holding a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Environmental Science Ian worked for years in the food industry and believes in the importance of healthy eating. Ian is a family man at heart with two wonderful children, and although he is a certified geek he can rock out an impressive version of Foxy Lady on his Strat.